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About Quixotic Charters Fiji

Quixotic Charters Fiji was created by Lewis and Alyssa Allen - who sailed into Fiji in 2015 and were captivated by the beauty and warmth of Fiji and the people who call these magical islands home. But they were not the only ones enchanted by these mystical islands…

Jennie and Sasha spent a summer of 2018 exploring Fiji waters and promised themselves to come back. On return in 2019 they contacted their good friends Lewis and Alyssa, whom they were encountering before all over the Pacific Ocean, starting in 2014 in Marquesas. As they learned that their friends are ready to move on, they proposed a deal to acquire catamaran Quixotic and the company, Quixotic Pte Ltd. And the rest is history….

Thanks to extensive work that Alyssa and Lewis did on the catamaran, Quixotic is in excellent condition and it is ready to set sail on luxury adventure cruises out to remote places that only a lucky few ever get to visit.  Adventures are had, dreams come true, and unforgettable memories are made every week.  

​We love the magic and beauty of Fiji and we are so excited to share everything these islands offer with you, our guests, who make this all happen

Vinaka vakalevu (thank you very much),

Jennie and Sasha -The "Sega na Leqa" (no worries) Team

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