Special COVID19 Considerations

The effects of corona virus on travel and vacation industry have been very damaging. We understand that special circumstances require special considerations. Our approach is first, assure that while you are with us you are safe, second, offer a great deal on our charter rates and third offer more flexibility with your reservation.

We offer a special COVID19 rate with 25% discount from the rates published on our RATES page. The booking offer is valid until September 30, 2020 and is for charters until December 15, 2021. 

In case of travel restrictions that will make you unable to come to Fiji, you can reschedule your charter up to 30 days before the charter date and we will honor 100% of your deposit. The new charter date will be agreed upon regarding our availability around the desired date.

Quixotic will be thoroughly and meticulously cleaned and sanitized for your charter, including sanitation of towels, mattresses, bed and pillow covers. We scrub the toilets and disinfect them with soap, bleach and vinegar, and we scrub and disinfect shower floor and sumps. We bleach walls, ceilings and bedroom platforms, clean 12V fans in the bedrooms and disinfect all grab rails and door handles. We wash the cockpit area, decks and trampolines with soap and vinegar solution. And our galley and kitchenware is normally cleaned daily. We have Lysol spray disinfectant and bleach cleanser on board and we also provide hand sanitizer onboard. 

We will deep clean and disinfect snorkels, masks and fins onboard, and guests are welcomed to bring their own snorkeling gear.

In addition, we assure at least a week long period between charters, which is longer than stated lengths of corona virus survival period on different surfaces (https://www.webmd.com/lung/how-long-covid-19-lives-on-surfaces). As Fiji is corona virus free, this will be enough of assurance that you will be safe with us.

Being on a yacht with your family or friends is the best social isolation you can have! You still get all the sunset views with sun-downer in your hand, incredibly colorful coral reefs to snorkel and yacht toys (kayaks, SUP, windsurf) to play with and enjoy.

To get more information about  us, our offers and your Fiji destination send us a message from our CONTACT page.

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