When the anchor is dropped into the powdery white sand you can choose to relax in the hammock or set out on another adventure!  Here are some of the options available:

We have two kayaks aboard
Hobie Pedal/Sail Kayak
Get that leg workout or let the sail do the work!
Snorkel the world-famous rainbow reef. Or swim over and explore a pristine reef ecosystem right beside your private yacht!

We have four sets of adult snorkel gear aboard
SCUBA Diving
Some of the best diving in the world can be found in the Somosomo Straight off Taveuni
Bring your gear or ask about lessons and renting!
Take out the SUP with a windsurfing sail!
Bring your board or we can arrange to rent. Hit that empty break at Qamea or how about an untouched break in Vanua Balavu?
Big Game Fishing
We have all the gear for trolling and jigging and we know where and how to catch fish!
Soak in those warm Fijian rays
Peddling the Hobie Kayak
We have one SUP aboard
Private Beach Exploration
Either take the kayak or we can drop you off on your own private breach for an hour or for the whole day. Ultimate privacy; there's no one around and the only footprints are your own....
There are spectacular hikes on most islands. Have your chef prepare a picnic lunch for you to enjoy at the top!
Dinghy excursions
Cave Exploration
Multiple caves to explore in Vanua Balavu
Authentic Fijian Experiences
Pry fresh oysters off the mangrove roots then have your on board chef prepare them!
Cultural Experiences
Dinghy Booze Cruise
Pre-sunset booze cruise in the dinghy is always popular and a great way to unwind and ease into the evening
Private Resort Day - Massage
Quixotic Charters has an exclusive partnership with a private resort. Enjoy a staff of 12 at your service for the day. Enjoy a massage or skin care treatment, gourmet meals and 5-star service.

*Shore-based fees apply
Private Resort Day - Infinity Pool
Quixotic Charters has an exclusive partnership with a private resort. Enjoy private use of the resort for the day.
Relax by the infinity pool while the 5-star chef prepares lunch and your biggest decision is which spa treatment to have that afternoon..

*Shore-based fees apply
Private Resort Day - Honeymoon
We can arrange for exclusive day use of a private resort during your honeymoon cruise. Spend the day being pampered in ultimate luxury. Your private yacht will be anchored right in front of your private resort!

*Shore-based fees apply
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