The Crew

She {Jennie} expertly prepared meals like a James Beard award winning chef. She was never without a smile and/or willing to stop whatever she was doing if you had a question. When my hubby caught a sushi worthy Walu (Spanish Mackerel) she made sure it was immediately properly cleaned and quickly changed the menu for our amazing sushi / sashimi dinner. This is something that I will never forget.

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QUIXOTIC is crewed by experienced and professionally-certified sailing teams. Rest assured that you are in the best hands.


Your Captain, Sasha, has had a passion for sailing from his young years beginning from the Adriatic coast in the Mediterranean Sea on home-built 28 ft sloop Armagnac. Having read Herman Melville's "Typee" he made a promise to himself to one day sail to the Marquesas. After leaving behind the playground of 1,244 islands in the Adriatic Sea, he moved to Boston and sailed with Boston Harbor Sailing and raced often with the fleet of Olympic class Solings. He did many yacht deliveries along the east coast of the USA until he finally delivered his own Island Packet 420 from Norfolk to St. Thomas in US Virgin Islands. In the next ten years, he zigzagged around the Caribbean, from Puerto Rico to Grenada. And then it was time to fulfill that promise to himself. With Jennie aboard, they sailed through the Panama Canal to Marquesas and on to many other Pacific islands. Their "bumming" around Hawaii, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia brought them to Fiji where they have become enchanted by beautiful nature, lush green mountains, pristine white beaches, and especially by the friendly Fijians. It is here they have decided to stay.
Sasha got his first commercial boating license in his home country Slovenia, and later he earned his US Coast Guard sanctioned Captain 100 Tons diploma. He also holds a Fijian Class 6 (full) boat master license.

Your First Mate, Stewardess, and Cook, Jennie, is a very experienced blue water sailor. She has sailed, together with Sasha, the Caribbean islands, and then through the Panama canal to the most remote parts of the vast Pacific Ocean. She loves Fiji and the Fijians and is excited to set her permanent anchor in this pristine and unspoiled archipelago. She is an adventure-loving person and is excited to welcome and guide you on your exciting Fijian adventures! Jennie loves cooking and trying new cuisines, with an emphasis on Asian cuisine. Her loving and outgoing personality makes her a great guide to Fiji and a very welcoming environment aboard your own private luxury adventure yacht.  


Your Captain, Charlie, grew up close to the coast in Devon, UK. A life on the water was destined from the first time he jumped in a sailing dinghy aged 12. Fast forward 15 years and Charlie has sailed across the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and the Atlantic many times working between the Mediterranean and Caribbean on charter boats and superyachts. He holds a commercially-endorsed yachtmaster offshore (200ton)Licence and STCW95 Which includes fire fighting at sea, sea survival techniques and first Aid. Experience working on superyachts, as a watersports sailing instructor, and as a charter yacht skipper has given charlie all the skills needed to create your perfect Fiji sailing holiday aboard QUIXOTIC. 


 “Taking guests out on the water, getting stoked on sailing and showing them the beauty of the area puts a smile on my face. After working on busy charter superyachts where high levels of service are expected I’ve become used to maintaining these high standards.  I am excited to welcome you aboard QUIXOTIC for your sailing adventure of a lifetime!”

Your First Mate, Chef and Stewardess, Klevisa, grew up above her parents restaurant in Greece. Surrounded by hospitality and great food, looking after people comes naturally. Falling into a job on a boat while in Santorini four years ago, a love of sailing and the sea was born. Also a qualified skipper, she's as happy cooking up a storm in the galley as she is hauling up the main halyard. Klevisa also has STCW95 which includes fire fighting, sea survival and first aid so is well trained for any eventuality. As well as Power boat level 2 and Food safety and hygiene qualifications. Her Experience makes her an ideal hostess able to provide a great holiday full of delicious and nutritious meals. She is well-trained and experienced in cooking to any dietary preferences, allergies or restrictions and she loves creating fresh. healthy meals, customized just for you!



Your Captain, Lewis, holds a commercially-endorsed Master of Yachts 200 Tons Captain's License issued by the UK-based Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). In addition to his Captains license Lewis holds STCW95-10 certificates relating to maritime safety, firefighting, first aid and sea survival. Since sailing from his home port of San Francisco, California in 2013, he has sailed over 20,000 nautical miles while exploring the Pacific Ocean and ultimately found paradise in Fiji. He loves sailing, SCUBA diving, fishing, kiting, and (when not on the water) motorcycling. Full resume and references available upon request.

Your First Mate, Chef and Stewardess, Alyssa, is a commercially-licensed and experienced bluewater sailor. She also holds STCW95-10 qualifications in maritime safety, firefighting, first aid, sea survival and other areas. Alyssa has sailed with Lewis for the past four years and together they have sailed approximately 40,000 nautical miles, combined. In addition to Alyssa's sailing qualifications, she's a natural-born hostess and also a very talented Chef with experience in fine dining in both San Francisco and Oahu, Hawaii and can offer an extensive menu of delicious international cuisine.


(All crew hold professional certifications and are competent, experienced and fun people to spend your holiday with! Full crew profiles, references and reviews available upon request)

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