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Reviews & Recommendations

Reviews are records of a very personal experience, alone or with family and friends. We ask our guests to write their sincere opinions, on TripAdvisor but also on Google Business reviews. 

Perfect Escape


Our family of three, including our 13 year old daughter, recently spent a week on Quixotic that not only met but exceeded every expectation. From the moment we set sail, Jennie's hospitality and attention to detail created an atmosphere of pure relaxation. Breathtaking views of the open sea provided the perfect setting to unwind and recharge.

Each day brought new adventures, from snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to exploring secluded beaches. Chef Jennie's culinary mastery transformed every meal into a delightful experience, featuring fresh, local ingredients that added a touch of luxury to our days at sea.

Whether basking in the warm sun on the trampoline or stargazing at night, Quixotic became a haven of tranquility.

This experience has set the bar high for future getaways. If you’re seeking a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, look no further.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by WorldTravelerCO 

for trip in November 2023


An unforgettable holiday!

A group of six of us chartered Quixotic for 11 nights in September/October 2023. We’d hoped to go to the Lau Group of islands and Vanua Balavu, but there was a strong wind from the south east and it was deemed more prudent to stay in the shelter of Viti Levu. We went up through the Mamanucas and Yasawas, motoring a lot of the way because of the wind. It turned out to be a wonderful and memorable trip and we were glad we did that route.

The catamaran, Quixotic, was a delightful boat - lovingly cared for and very clean. There were three crew, Captain Sasha, Jennie and Kimi. They were all very professional and friendly and very good at what they did. Sasha knew all the anchorages and steered expertly, Jennie produced spectacular food and catered admirably for those of us with fussy eating habits, Kimi was always on hand to take us ashore, put out cushions and lots of other things to make our lives comfortable.

We have travelled to the islands before but to single resorts. This was a completely different experience. From pristine anchorages with no other boat there, to resorts where we could go for a dive or visit a bar, or go snorkelling in crystal clear water with fish and turtles and manta rays. It was just fantastic. We even got a map of where we went and some drone footage of the trip afterwards.

Thank you Sasha, Jennie and Kimi for a wonderful holiday! – we hope we can come back one day.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Shanna-7

for trip in October 2023


Fantastic 4 nights on Quixotic for our family of 4.

Sasha, Jennie, and Thomas took great care of us and gave us a. wonderful, intimate boating experience: anchoring in beautiful bays, accompanying us on snorkeling excursions, teaching our son how to windsurf, and adjusting our itinerary to include a swim with mantas. The food was delicious, varied, and plentiful, meeting the dietary needs of every family member, which is no easy task! We had a choice of staying in a resort or being on the water and exploring more islands - glad we opted for the latter. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a water based adventure in Fiji.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Island H

for trip in August 2023


Most amazing family holiday

My family (husband, myself and teenage boy and girl) recently spent 6 nights sailing on Quixotic. Having been to Fiji 7 times previously we were looking for something a bit different and I can honestly say this was the best family holiday we have ever had.

We corresponded with Sasha for 6 months working out the timing for our trip. He was so patient and took onto account all of our wishes and budget. The booking process was simple and there was a great questionnaire to ensure that they knew all of out likes, dislikes and holiday wishes.

From the minute we hopped onboard Sasha, Jennie and Thomas took amazing care of us. There was drinks, food, sunscreen, snacks, dry towels, toiletries, snorkelling equipment, fishing gear, kayaks and paddle boards - so much to do. There was also many places on the boat to sit quietly and relax with a book or a drink - the nets and bean bags at the front of the catamaran were a huge hit.

We sailed from Port Denaru and made stops through the Mamanuca Islands at reefs, sandbars and sheltered coves. From there we headed up through the Yawawa Islands until we were reluctantly dropped at our resort. Each day Sasha would check in and see what we wanted to do. Every moment of the holiday was tailored to our wishes.

Jennie was the most wonderful hostess and cook delivering delicious hot breakfasts each morning, then morning tea, a hot lunch, afternoon snacks with drinks and then a delicious dinner. The flavour of her meals was out of this world. She anticipated our every want and need - she managed to keep 2 teenage kids full of healthy and delicious food.

Thomas was just delightful, he was around to offer a hand no matter what we wanted to do. He had the kayaks and paddleboards ready and always managed to provide a dry towel after each swim. Clothes and bathers were miraculously hung out, dried and ready to be put on each morning.

The catamaran was luxurious with plenty of room for our family, the bedrooms were immaculate and the bathrooms spotless. There were 2 areas to eat and plenty of paces to relax and play cards or watch the sunset.

Each night Sasha located a calm place for us to anchor, often having to go ashore and present cava to local chiefs to ensure we could anchor. A highlight of our trip was a visit that Sasha and Jennie arranged to a local village where we were able to meet the villagers and spend time in the kindergarten (take some crayons and textas for the children).

We absolutely loved our time on Quixotic, we got to snorkel some of the most beautiful reefs in Fiji and my husband and son got to do tons of fishing. If you are looking for a really unique and boutique experience this is definitely the best holiday ever. We will be back!

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Cathy B

for trip in July 2023


Amazing Experience!!!!

We had an unbelievable experience and trip. Sasha, Jenny and Thomas could not have provided better service and blew all of our expectations.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by lguinnha

for trip in May 2023


Memorable experience

We had an amazing experience with Sasha, Jenny and Thomas aboard the beautiful 43ft Quixotic this week. Our family of 11 people departed the Denarau Marina with outstanding weather, service and local knowledge of the Fijian waters. We anchored at our destination and enjoyed an unforgettable day of swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and eating meals prepared by Jenny. If you are looking for a memorable experience hosted by a professional friendly team in a safe environment, this is the one to book. We will be back.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Paul G

for trip in January 23


Sail into the New Year 2023

My husband, 4 teenagers and I had a once in a lifetime vacation on the Quixotic, with Captain Sasha, First Mate/Chef/ Stewardess Jennie and Second Mate Thomas. We ventured just on the edge of monsoon season and, although we had some rain, Sasha kept us safe and chose optimal places to anchor. Initially we planned to spend just 6 nights on the boat, but our plans changed and we spent 12 nights on the boat. We were a little nervous that we would get bored or want more resort-like accommodations; however, the boat and experience was amazing. We didn’t want to leave—let along go stay at a resort.

We spent the first half of our trip traveling north along the Yasawa Islands, spending the night at various spots along the way and then turned around and spent the second half of the trip traveling south—staying at some of the same spots and some new ones.

We cannot say enough good things about Sasha, Jennie and Thomas. Sasha and Jennie arranged all our excursions—including scuba diving, massages, visiting the Sawa-I-Lau caves, a waterfall hike, donuts at Lo’s Tea House and New Year’s Eve dinner at the Nanuya Island Resort. Sasha arranged kava ceremonies with local chiefs to secure our anchorages and access to private beaches.

Our days on the boat were perfect…amazing adventures—fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking and swimming—and plenty of time for relaxation. As parents of busy teens, one of our highlights was 35 family meals in a row—where everyone sat happily around the table, chatted and ate everything on their plate (and seconds!). In fact, the kids loved Jennie’s cooking so much they suggested we bring her home with us…or that she at least send us home with several meals so they could ease back into my cooking.

As a mom, this was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had…in large part because we had Jennie, the boat mom. She kept kids hydrated, reminded them to put on their sunblock, had dry towels at the ready, and made sure we had snacks before we even knew we were hungry. Afternoon cocktails and wine appeared without asking.

We would highly recommend an adventure on the Quixotic. Captain Sasha and Jennie will take amazing care of you.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Nicole Patterson

for trip in December 22 / January 23


Decked out for New Years Eve

Setting a new standard of excellence

We have been fortunate to have stayed at incredible beaches around the world - Bali, French Polynesia, Zanzibar, Koh Samui, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Madagascar, Bawah, Andaman… At each beach we have snorkeled and lazed on the sand, looking out at the infinite shades of water turning from green jade to turquoise blue to deep sapphire. And at each beach we have seen the catamarans, the single hull sailboats, the multi-story yachts anchored just far enough offshore that they are in a world of their own.

This trip we turned it around. We were the ones on the 43-foot catamaran anchored offshore. Our itinerary - to sail from island to island, following the wind, stopping wherever we saw an inviting place to explore.

We were the ones on the boat looking back at the shore and loving every minute.

We wanted this trip to be special, to build memories. To mark the occasion, we chartered The Quixotic, captained by Sasha and first mate and cook Jennie with expert joyful assistance by Francis – a 43-foot catamaran, 8 days to sail and explore the Yasawas & Mamanucas islands of Fiji, to hop off the boat to snorkel, swim, kayak or explore a pristine beach. 8 days to find a spot to relax and read a book or watch the waves. 8 days to share outstanding meals, crazy card games, fishing techniques and cooking tricks.

As we were weighing options and deciding whether to commit to a charter sail (yes, half of our group gets seasick), Captain Sasha and First Mate Jennie anticipated and answered every one of our questions. It was clear, we would not be forfeiting any luxuries of a 5-star resort, we were instead going to be treated to a new standard.

9AM, Tuesday, Port Denarau - there they were. Motoring to the dock, waiving. Within minutes our luggage was onboard, our shoes were off, Jennie toured us through the boat and reviewed the safety procedures and then, with huge smiles on our faces, we set sail.

Whether it was that we knew that Jennie and Francis would anticipate our every need or that we had full confidence that Captain Sasha knew the seas so completely, some combination gave us total authorization to fully relax and enjoy every moment. At times the days sped by - swimming, snorkeling, fishing, reading - and then, as if time needed to catch its breath, we watched a sunset that lasted so long that it seemed that time itself was stretching.

Do we recommend sailing on the Quixotic with Captain Sasha and First Mate/Chef Jennie? Without hesitation! In fact, make your plans right away as this best-kept secret will no doubt soon be the most difficult reservation to book.

Our itinerary:
Day 1: Depart Port Denarau on a 4-hour sail to Yanuya island. Snorkel the healthy reef and anchor for the night.
Day 2: Short hop to Castaway Beach on Monuriki island, then anchor on the south side of Monu for lunch and later continue to the east side of Monu to anchor for overnight.
Day 3: Long sail to Nalauwaki village bay on the north side of Waya island. Anchor for overnight.
Day 4: Short sail to Nanuya Balavu island, anchoring in a protected, no-name bay. Dinghy excursion to Drawaqa Pass to see manta rays.
Day 5: Another excursion to the Drawaqa Pass, this time with successful manta ray sightings! Afternoon sail south to Octopus Resort bay for overnight.
Day 6: Sail to Navadra island, anchor overnight, swim, and explore the islands.
Day 7: Sail all the way to Snake Pit bay at Musket Cove on Malolo island, visit the sandbar, and explore landing for Lomani Resort.
Day 8: sail back to Port Denarau to disembark

Q & A
Will we get seasick? This was one of my biggest concerns as I am the first to get motion sickness in a car, on a train or on a boat. I did not get sick the entire 8 days. I did wear the Scopolamine patch, I did avoid reading and I focused on the horizon whenever I started to feel queasy. A surprise benefit of watching that horizon - I spotted the tuna that had swallowed our lure as we sailed to our evening anchor. Sashimi!

Will we “fit” into the cabins? Everything on the boat is compact and there is no wasted space. Each cabin has a queen-size mattress with a top hatch for ventilation and a small fan. But, the cabins are not designed to entice you to stay in them beyond sleeping. The headroom is minimal and if you are the one who sleeps on the side that turns out to be the inside, you will be perfecting your ‘slide over and step’! Also, we found that the cool air flow at night is considerably greater in the forward cabin.

Is there enough to do? Will we get bored? There is everything and nothing to do - your choice. The only thing we didn’t do is get bored.

Are 8 days too many? For us it was just right. Captain Sasha customized our disembarking time and locations to mesh with our post-sail reservations.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Jane Z

for trip in August 2022


Unforgettable Family Vacation

My wife, two daughters (18 & 20) and I just returned from a four day trip aboard Quixotic. It was the highlight of our trip to Fiji. The catamaran is a comfortable and well appointed vessel that is perfect for exploring the extraordinary beauty of Fiji. We sailed through the Mamanucas visiting uninhabited islands, gorgeous coral reefs, and island sand bars. We set the daily pace and did as much, or as little as we wanted. Sasha and Jennie are fantastic hosts. Captain Sasha is a lifelong sailor and has extensive experience sailing in Fiji. Jennie spoiled us all to no end. She is an amazing cook and every meal she prepared was delicious. They are both super friendly and easy going. If you are looking for an adventurous, fun and relaxing vacation, book a trip on the Quixotic and lean into Fiji Time.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Tim W

for trip in August 2022


An Unforgettable Day

What a day. From start to finish Captain Sasha and his beautiful wife Jennie exceeded our expectations all day. They waited on us hand and foot non-stop, there was never a moment that we did not feel like royalty. Jennie is an unbelievable cook and Sasha has stories for days. The conversations with the two of them was more interesting than you can imagine. Sasha truly reminded me of the most interesting man. They have sailed all throughout the Pacific and have an amazing knowledge of the entire area.

The boat itself is magnificent. It is in pristine condition, extremely clean and is all around beautiful. The open deck can seat at least 6 people and we spent most of our day out there. Whenever it got too hot, Jennie was able to make a shaded area for us so that we could still remain on the open deck without having to stay in the hot sun. Always comfortable and never too crowded, The Quixotic was amazing.

We sailed from Momi Bay to Honeymoon Island (while on our honeymoon). While sailing Sasha and Jenny would point out interesting facts about the resorts or islands we were passing. We eventually anchored about 50 meters off the coast and snorkeled up onto the deserted beach. Seclusion doesn’t even describe this experience. Waiting for us on our swim back, Jennie and Sasha had the fresh water hose ready for us and some shampoo, conditioner and soap to take a quick shower right on the steps of the boat while overlooking the island.

As soon as we were dried off, Sasha and Jennie surprised us with a bottle of champagne to enjoy with an amazing cheese and cracker board while Jennie cooked us our lunch. All while anchored off of Honeymoon Island. Lunch was incredible. Wahoo steak with sautéed vegetables and a potato purée. It was better than the food we have been eating at our Marriot resort! To top it off she served a homemade chocolate almond pie with a graham cracker crust. Incredible.

I can go on and on about the magnificence of our day with Sasha and Jennie but I don’t want to give away too many more of their surprises (because there are a lot) but I hope you get the point. This experience was worth every penny. I was at first skeptical by the price but my wife and I both said afterwards that we would have even paid more. The day we spent with Sasha and Jennie will be one that we remember for the rest of our lives.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by


Boca Raton, FL

on Feb 29, 2020 for stay in Feb 2020


Great trip!

A trip of a lifetime! We had a magical week onboard the Quixotic. Sailing to remote locations in Fiji allowed us to experience a true family adventure vacation. From diving and snorkeling in pristine world class sites to being invited to attend a Fiji village church service, we found a truly unique experience. The vessel was well maintained, spotless and was well equipped with water sport equipment. The crew (Sasha, Jenny and Marca) were very experienced, warm and gracious. The hospitality was generous and the food healthy and delicious. We are still amazed that Jenny could prepare such delicious gourmet meals from that galley kitchen! Thank you for a great week and wonderful memories. We wish you smooth sailing in your tropical paradise.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by

Charles M

Washington Dc, District Of Columbia, Usa 

on Jan 27, 2020 for a stay in Jan 2020


A day or a week - every minute on the quixotic is amazing!

From Captain Sasha, First mate (wife) Jenny to Deckmate Marca we cannot say enough about our week on the Quixotic! The Quixotic details handled by Sasha were flawless. We saw multiple islands and reefs each offering unique and exciting experiences. Marca had every glass filled, every towel from the deck folded and followed up with details that were unexpected. Getting to know her was a true privilege. Frist mate Jenny did it all and I cannot emphasize this enough. She expertly prepared meals like a James Beard award winning chef. She was never without a smile and/or willing to stop whatever she was doing if you had a question. When my hubby caught a sushi worthy Walu (Spanish Mackerel) she made sure it was immediately properly cleaned and quickly changed the menu for our amazing sushi / sashimi dinner. This is something that I will never forget. When will I ever get the chance to have high end sushi grade fish go from hook to plate in a couple of hours? This is not to diminish the made from scratch meals for the rest of the week: fresh mango salsa, caramel tarts, chicken satay, pork chops, fritatta and so much more. All the gear is onboard for kayaking, snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, fishing. Internet was accessible at all times. (shockingly) The beautiful people and islands of Fiji are incredible and if you want an experience away from the typical tourist version of Fiji, this is it for sure!!!

Reviewed by jlneighbors

Jan 26, 2020

Review posted on TripAdvisor: 



Day cruise fantastic

Reviewed by mhart2224

Oct 4, 2019

Review posted on TripAdvisor:


Quixotic Fantastic

Reviewed by JFaillers

September 29, 2019

Review posted on TripAdvisor:


Amazing boat - a day just wasn't enough!

 Left on Oct 28, 2019 for a stay in Oct 2019

We decided to have a one-day boat trip for some private time out on the Fiji seas and some quiet snorkelling. We were trying to avoid a mass group outing but rather were seeking something a bit more private. From the moment we enquired of Quixotic’s availability we had really fast and constant communication with Sasha and Jennie, with back and forth on the route we wanted to take and any special food requests. They helped us pick the best day for our outing and were really flexible with helping us to find the perfect sailing conditions and the right day for our trip. On the day, Sasha was a great host, meeting us and welcoming us aboard Quixotic. We had loads of time to relax and read in the rear lounge as well as spending some time just hanging out on the foredeck enjoying the spectacular views and watching the islands pass by. As a final treat, Sasha introduced us to the delights of banana rum... delicious. We loved our day aboard Quixotic and just wish that we’d booked a week!


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Review posted on TripAdvisor: 


Sail away with Sasha and Jennie - a trip of a lifetime


We found Quixotic Charters by word of mouth and after receiving a prompt reply to our inquiry decided on a three night / 4 day charter around the Mamanuca Islands for a family of four with two older teenage kids. The booking process was very easy. We received detailed itinerary suggestions from Captain Sasha full of local knowledge of the best spots for snorkeling, fishing, and enjoying spectacular sunsets. Plus detailed preference sheets for food and drink choices as well as activity preferences. We felt we were in good hands with a very experienced captain who would deliver a wonderful and memorable experience.

Quixotic is an ocean-going sailing catamaran of 43 feet and 25 across the beam. The cabins were spotless with quality linens and well aired with fans and hatches. The heads were similarly spotless and there was always plenty of hot fresh water. There is plenty of space to relax around the boat, either in the cockpit or on the nets across the bows – our favourite spot to enjoy star gazing. The bow nets and cockpit had sun shades which was a thoughtful touch. We enjoyed fantastic snorkeling across reefs, visited Monuriki Island (didn’t see Wilson), kayaked and paddle boarded, and each evening anchored in a beautiful quiet bay where we enjoyed a cold drink and watched spectacular sunsets. Dinner, and all meals, were prepare by Jeanie the very welcoming and extremely capable first mate. The food was excellent in all respects, generous and tasty. We enjoyed fresh fish caught on board by the other crew member Vitali, slow cooked lamb shank, cooked breakfasts and lots of snacks, cheese boards and other nibbles.

Living on board the boat with Sasha, Jeanie and Vitali was an experience we will long remember. The way Vitali interacted with our boys really helped them get the most out of the experience, and Sasha and Jeanie are full of stories and information about sailing and Fiji. They were so welcoming that after a day we felt we were old friends.

We highly recommend Quixotic Charters. They were always professional, informative, and welcoming. The trip was good value for money, and we will certainly join Sasha and Jeanie again on our next trip to Fiji.

Review posted on TripAdvisor by Paul S

for trip in August 2022


A family memory we will never forget

We had the most epic trip with Quixotic Charters. We met at the marina and felt completely taken care of from beginning to end. They knew the exact spots we should go for snorkeling and exploring and made the day very special.

Date of experience: July 2022

Trip type: Traveled with family

Review posted on Tripadvisor by mattmetten

for trip in July 2022


Matten Fmily.jpg

Fantastic Family Day Trip with Quixotic

Review posted on Tripadvisor by

Amor for Travel

for trip in July 2022


JoeNewell 2.jpg

Fijian Fantasies Fulfilled

Fijian fantasies (finally) fulfilled! After a two-year delay due to the lockdowns, we were at last able to come to the spectacular islands of Fiji for a 10-day cruise on Quixotic in late April and early May. Our entire experience was the stuff of fantasy indeed and well worth the wait! Captain Sasha, his wife, first mate and chef Jenny, and Sasha’s granddaughter Ana made our trip an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Imagine sailing from island to island with dolphins riding your bow wake, anchoring in sheltered uninhabited coves, snorkeling through schools of multi-colored fish in warm crystal clear waters over coral beds as varied and pristine as can be imagined, swimming with manta rays, walking on unprinted sandy beaches with the air filled with the scent of tropical flowers, witnessing a heart-achingly beautiful sunset, and then gazing in wonder at the sky-splitting splash of the Milky Way and the rising of the Southern Cross at the end of a perfect day at sea. Or visualize kayaking around a headland to spy a waterfall cascading down a tropical mountainside in a scene almost too beautiful to be real, and later seeing a full double-rainbow seemingly bridging two islands. We enjoyed all this and more, including a visit to a Fijian village, a kava ceremony with the island’s head man, and were invited guests at a Fijian church service, which was highlighted by the incredibly joyous, harmonious and full-throated singing of the children’s choir, adult choir and the congregation at large.

Aboard Quixotic we were pampered with Jenny’s delicious and varied cuisine throughout, with (Ana’s) breakfast smoothies and banana pancakes or French toast for breakfast or tasty snacks in between meals, or the masterpieces of the evening meals. Some of the memorable main dishes included fresh-caught baked dorado and grouper, steamed lobster in drawn butter bought from a local fisherman, a piquant crab curry, and a mouthwatering roast leg of lamb. The walu, or Spanish mackerel sashimi served with Jenny’s spiced soy and wasabi from a fish caught less than 15 minutes earlier was truly unforgettable. Whether under sail, or anchored, Jenny and Ana were untiringly attentive to our comfort, arranging shades, providing refreshments, and assisting our activities. Jenny is a dynamic and ceaselessly cheerful person whose quick smile makes you want to smile back in kind. Ana was a delight; her kindness and warmth will be tough match for her replacement following her return to her home in Slovenia. Captain Sasha is a supremely competent sailor and master of Quixotic and all of her systems from bow to stern. He is fount of seafaring lore and is an engaging and good-humored conversationalist.

Quixotic herself is a trim and well-outfitted craft, with her twinned catamaran hulls providing superior stability. There is ample and comfortable seating in the stern cockpit, in the main cabin and we particularly enjoyed reclining on oversized bean bag chairs on the webbing between the bows under a sail shade. The cabins are cozy and comfortable as space allows, and private heads with warm showers adjoin each cabin.

Even before and after the cruise Sasha could not have been more courteous or helpful. His communications and responses were prompt and detailed, and planning guides and information were most useful. Our dietary and activity wants and dislikes were solicited and accounted for in detail. At the time we traveled, a period of limited quarantine for 48-72 hours and post-arrival testing on land was required prior to setting sail. Graciously, Sasha, Jenny and Ana met us for dinner at a delightful harborside restaurant the night of our arrival. To also help us pass the time and to provide some local flavor, Captain Sasha arranged for a private car tour of Viti Levu island, with a friendly and most accommodating native Fijian driver (Bula, Ganesh!) including stops at a farmer’s market, a crafts market, a dockside lunch and an extravagantly colorful Hindu temple. Viewing over 2,000 species of orchids at a century-old botanical garden during a warm tropical rainstorm was a treat; sheltering from the near-biblical deluge under a big umbrella arm-in-arm with my beloved was both romantic and memorable. After the cruise, transport to COVID testing and the return trip to the airport was also arranged for us seamlessly.

All four of us on the cruise got the distinct sense that sailing charters on Quixotic was much more than just a business transaction for Sasha, Jenny and Ana; there was a genuine kindness, warmth, graciousness and passion in sailing her and in sharing Fiji with her passengers. We are grateful to have had the good fortune to sail Fiji on Quixotic and to give her and her crew our highest and unreserved recommendation!

Review posted on Tripadvisor by

David Z

for trip in April 2022


Wow! This was 'Glamping' on Water in the Fiji Islands

Review posted on Tripadvisor by


for trip in March 2021


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